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With the development of the times, the marketing segmentation has become particularly important. The marketing and production mode will be also changed………
      ZTEC is the leader of BOD (binding books on-demand) industries in China. We have been focused on the changes of international market and application of the latest technology. With the changes of innovation environment, we always find which can bring hope and direction for this industry? New technology stands for new mode. Standing with great concentration in BOD area, we have mature solutions for transition of traditional printing enterprise and digital printing company development process. Through the understanding and analysis of the industry, ZTEC profession positioned in intelligent, professional, personalized, systematic and integrated. ZTEC products are mainly involved in children books, hardcover, intelligent on the mounted, binding, laminating, digital UV varnishing, intelligent cutting and other fields. Our main partners are MOHR from Germany, Italy TECNOGRAF, Korea TACHOPLUS, Czech KOMFI, British MORGANA, British KAS, British VACUUMATIC, France JBI, FUJIPLA and other international well-known brands. Our technology is in the leading position in this area all over the world.
      ZTEC has accumulation in digital and traditional printing aspect for many years. We have professional talent reserve and also can provide the comprehensive solution in book binding areas. Our company business philosophy is that provide the most advanced technology and the most suitable products. We should promote the enterprise's production capacity and efficiency by means of intelligent the product, reduce the cost and energy consumption; enhance the competitiveness of enterprises in the industry. ZTEC will become the supplier of quality Chinese intelligent printing solutions.
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